Raise a Glass to These Pot Stocks: Beer and Cannabis Make for Intriguing Marijuana Investments


What better way to shore up your current portfolio than by investing in two of the nation’s favorite guilty pleasures? Not to mention, what better way to expedite the good times this summer should you choose to indulge in some of the collaborative brews produced by these new investment opportunities. Alcohol and marijuana now have a chance to be “officially” together at last and it may prove wise to get in on the ground floor before this field explodes with competition and becomes potentially oversaturated.

Naturally this refers to the ever-increasing legality of recreational marijuana in many states. Some savvy beer companies are seizing the opportunity to take advantage of the cross-merchandising possibilities this newly open field presents. Whether or not one’s particular taste is suited to either of these hot commodities, it is ill-advised to not explore the investment options with which this growing field is brimming and continuing to expand.

The market is at a historic low-risk point for investing in beer and cannabis: Here are some of the best buying choices for marijuana stocks to invest in and ideal beer stock options.

#1. Molson Coors (NYSE:TAP)
Molson Coors is arguably the biggest brand-name in beer right now considering the possibility of hemp-infused beers – with a particular focus on the influence of medical marijuana and its benefits. During a recent investor presentation, Molson Coors’ CEO Mark Hunter announced the company was strongly considering branching out into making legitimate marijuana-infused beers and a titan like this leading the way greatly increases the safety and chances of success for other brewers who follow suit.

#2. Constellation Brands (NYSE:STZ)
Constellation Brands is one of the leading names in beer and cannabis collaborations right now. Their decision to purchase a 9.9% share of Canopy Growth Corporation in October of 2017 helped pave the way for lessening the chance of federal regulation and involvement once a brewery decides to experiment with marijuana in their recipes. Constellation Brands is most widely known as the home of Corona and Modelo beer. Lex Corwin, a leader in the medicinal and recreational marijuana industries had this to say on the subject in an interview with The Huffington Post: “The same way the American alcohol business is controlled by three large companies, the legal cannabis business, once federally legal, will be controlled by a few giant corporations…While there will be small artisanal brands with loyal followers that will continue to exist, I predict rapid consolidation and a flurry of [mergers and acquisitions] in the next one to three years.”

These companies represent the industry standards and safest bets for the very best marijuana stocks to invest in – as well as the top beer stocks for your portfolio.

#3. Ambev S.A.(NYSE:ABEV)
Ambev (owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev) is another of the leading subsidiaries to explore what the best pot stocks to invest in mean for the beer community – drinkers and brewers alike. They may in fact prove to be one of the best penny stock options with which to diversifying your portfolio – provided they do actually go through with their ideas to branch out into marijuana-infused beers. Though they are a $75 billion company traded on the NYSE, stocks sell for under $5 a share for those who are interested in increasing their profit margins while minimizing even their worst-case scenario risk.

#4. Aurora Cannabis Inc. (OTCMKTS:ACBFF)
Aurora Cannabis Inc. is perhaps the most confident company on this list – with the business plans and experience to match. With a mission statement outlining their intent to “create a preeminent global cannabis company,” it’s not hard to see why they continue to be one of the best investment options for pot stocks. Founded in Canada, this company has nearly 5 more years of experience and growth to draw upon than most American companies and therefore has positioned itself as the primary candidate for acquisition by Molson Coors.

#5. Canopy Growth Corporation (NYSE:CGC)
Canopy Growth Corporation has claimed over 40 successful patents so far since their inception and continues to be one of the forerunners in smart investment options in the world of medicinal marijuana. With a deliberately moderate and sustainable growth strategy and proven expertise at keeping expenses minimal, Canopy is still one of the most appealing companies for any beer companies looking to collaborate with the marijuana industry. For this very reason, they also happen to be one of the best bets for increasing stock share prices and getting maximal returns on one’s initial investments.

While the risk to invest in these top marijuana stocks and best beer stock options may be lower than ever before, it is important to consider the overall suggestibility of the market’s stability being innately tied to federal-level legislation. 

Thanks to companies like Dad and Dudes Breweria and Coalition Brewing, there are more voices than ever in the fight to decrease stigma around hemp and, specifically, all of the non-psychoactive compounds in marijuana. CBD continues to be the frontrunner of these compounds in research and development as it holds some of the greatest medicinal potential and nearly non-existent chances of interacting with other drugs or potential preexisting conditions.


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