3 Reasons Why Now May Be The Best Time To Invest In Willie Nelson’s Marijuana Empire


While it may seem common knowledge to many conscious members of the medical and recreational marijuana communities, it is still well worth talking about the fact that, of course, Willie Nelson has his own line of marijuana products. It’s even more worth talking about now because Willie and the company have just expanded to include an entire lineup of CBD products making the company a smarter buy today than ever before.

Willie’s Reserve and Willie’s Remedy, flagship brands both owned and operated under the umbrella of GCH, Inc., now reign more supreme than ever as two of the smartest, sustainable pot stocks to buy in 2018.

This recent case of brand acquisition initiated by CBi2 Capital and 51st Parallel is a great sign for both of Willie’s brands as well as their profits and reach. CBi2 Capital and 51st Parallel have recently created LivWell International as part of this acquisition of both of Willie’s lines of cannabis products and have plans to expand into Canada. Their timing couldn’t be better with the recent legalization status in the country and their thorough business plan shows some impressive long-term planning. Their entry on the ground-floor, so to speak, of Canada’s cannabis retail industry should provide them solid footing in the decades to come despite the potential for future market over-saturation.

The name recognition offered by both brands has big implications for the sustainability of this business and will likely only increase on the unfortunate, but, inevitable day when Willie passes on from this world on to the next big adventure. Between the proven big-picture business plans of LivWell International, their impeccable timing into the Canadian cannabis market, and the untouchable legend of Willie Nelson and his music, LivWell has some understandably “high hopes” of dominating both the medical and recreational cannabis markets in the near future. Their ceiling on sales is also practically nonexistent now as the Willie’s Remedy line of products is entirely CBD-based and even more widely available for distribution in Canada and the United States.

The founding of LivWell International as part of this acquisition process means another key player in the world of the best marijuana stocks investments. 

“This is a highly transformative transaction for our company and our shareholders. The LivWell team is recognized as the most accomplished operator in the global cannabis industry, bringing the experience and knowledge needed to position LivWell International to compete with other industry leaders. The investment into GCH, the owner of Willie’s ReserveTM, represents the beginning of a broader brand strategy to augment our existing retail and distribution plans. In the coming years, we expect the cannabis industry to function in a manner consistent with the consumer packaged goods space in which premier brands will be positioned to dominate consumer market spending,” confirmed Sonny Mottahed, Chairman, President and CEO of CBi2 and CEO and a director of 51st Parallel.

John Lord, the Chairman and CEO of LivWell International added in response, “We are excited about this transaction with CBi2 and 51st Parallel. The upcoming federal legalization of the Canadian cannabis market provides a unique opportunity to leverage our ten years of operational expertise and expand the full suite of LivWell brands across Canada and internationally. We look forward to creating a successful, high-growth business and delivering value for both our customers and shareholders.” LivWell Enlightened Health has remained a private company until now and is already worth nearly $300 million. The company will transition to being publicly traded with these new developments.

The move to expand Willie’s brand to include CBD-rich products, such as artisan coffee, has clearly instilled confidence in all parties involved in these business proceedings and solidifies LivWell as a top choice for investing in marijuana stocks.

Willie himself seems to be excited and confident in the growth of his cannabis empire and these new business ventures. In a recent promotional video posted online, he had this to say: “I bought enough of it, so, I feel like I should be able to sell some back… It’s two of my favorites, together in the perfect combination. Like coffee, cannabis is a plant that works for me.”

LivWell Enlightened Health originated as a Denver, Colorado based company and has already succeeded in becoming one of the best known brands in medical and recreational marijuana in America. Their merging with CBi2, 51st Parallel, GCH, Inc. and Target Capital just about insures the company’s long-term success as all 5 of these establishments have proven track records and have all pledged full funding for LivWell International and its all-encompassing business plan; one which includes “expected annual cultivation capacity of ~32,000 kg of dried flower and annual extraction capacity of ~10,000 kg, as well as a broad retail footprint consisting of eight applied-for locations throughout Alberta and two high profile locations identified in British Columbia.”

At this current juncture in the legal cannabis market landscape, making investments in joint (no pun intended) business ventures  including time-tested, high-quality lines such as Willie’s Reserve and Willie’s Remedy, like LivWell International, may come in first as the best marijuana stocks investment strategy.

Though it may seem oversimplified, the tagline for Willie’s Reserve of “my stash is your stash” sums up quite well just what makes LivWell International one of the most promising marijuana stocks to buy. Their ideal audience is much wider than most competitors and their accessibility will continue to skyrocket with their new and improved reach into Canada and the American states where products containing THC are not yet legal.


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