MPX to be Included on New Index for Marijuana Stocks


A new exchange traded fund, Horizons Emerging Marijuana Growers Index ETF (HMJR), launched Wednesday by Horizons ETFs Management (Canada) Inc. The North American-based fund invests in small-cap business stocks and stocks of companies, growers, distributors and related businesses within the marijuana sector. This is their second cannabis-focused fund. Industry stocks held within HMJR, in general, will have a market capitalization between $50 million and $500 million, with a maximum of $750 million. At the time of rebalancing, stock issuers cannot occupy more than 8% of the Index’s composition.

Marijuana stock investors are encouraged by the HMJR pledge to choose pot growers with worldwide potential which may generate leads to promising weed stocks companies to invest in.

President and co-CEO of Horizons ETFs, Steve Hawkins, stated “HMJR will exclusively invest in marijuana growers that, in our view, are well-positioned to take part in the global growth of the marijuana sector.”

Horizons ETFs chose to trade on the Aequitas NEO Exchange, Canada’s next generation stock exchange that champions innovation and competition, where a consistent 20% of all Canadian ETFs are traded.

Two days before the launch of the new Index, marijuana stocks company, MPX Bioceutical Corporation (CSE:MPX) (OTC:MPXEF), announced their inclusion in HMJR.

The company recently changed their name from the Canadian Bioceutical Company to MPX.

“Our name change to MPX, mirrors the brand name of our well-established cannabis concentrate products, and reflects our strategic vision to become a dominant player in the recreational and medical cannabis markets in both the US and Canada. We believe this name change will resonate with the market, helping generate further traction for our brand and corporate presence,” said Scott Boyes, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Office of MPX.

Based in Ontario but wholly owned by U.S. subsidiaries, MPX provides extensive management, advisory, logistical, financial, procurement, real estate and administrative services to two MMJ companies in Arizona. One of the MMJ enterprises, Health for Life, is a dispensary with a successful brand in the Phoenix area. The other, Melting Point Extracts, specializes in hydrocarbon and offers these award-winning high-margin concentrates for wholesale.

Marijuana stocks investors may wish to note MPX recently acquired GreenMart of Nevada NLV, LLC (“GreenMart”).

GreenMart is an award-winning company operating out of Las Vegas that specializes in licensed cultivation, production and wholesale for both the medicinal and adult use cannabis sectors. GreenMart has already submitted applications for two dispensary licenses to operate and extend the “Health for Life” brand on the Las Vegas market. The entrance to this higher-margin retail sector would be a profitable move for the company.

In addition to the purchase of GreenMart’s facilities in Nevada, MPX has submitted non-binding letters of intent to purchase licenses in Maryland for both dispensary and production purposes.

The inclusion of MPX in HMJR adds integrity to promote expansion of shareholders seeking weed stocks to invest in.

Statements made by Boyes at the announcement of the company’s inclusion in HMJR reflected on the growth of the company within the weed stocks industry and the milestones achieved to reach this point of inclusion. He expressed the company’s anticipation that inclusion in HMJR will help bolster its base of shareholders and attract investor attention, as well as goals of expanding its footprint within U.S. and Canadian marijuana sectors, increasing revenue and nurturing greater marijuana stocks shareholder values.

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