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Why PHOT Could Go To $0.10 In 2018

Summary of PHOT

GrowLife (PHOT) was founded in 2012 and headquarters in Kirkland, Washington. The company’s goal is to become the largest MMJ cultivation service provider in the United States. Operating through a network of local spokespersons covering the U.S. and Canada, PHOT aims to ensure its customers achieve the most success in the industry.

The company’s present services include cultivation for organic products, greens, herbs and plant-based medicines.

Recent Developments of PHOT

Toward the end of 2017, PHOT launched an innovative new type of soil, called GrowLife HP Organic Soil. Through a rich oxygenizing process the soil, also known as High-Porosity Organic Peat, dries more quickly and evenly compared to heavier mixes of soil. This translates into potential for higher yields, as individuals are able to more frequently water their plants, making it an ideal choice for the business of commercial cultivation. The high porosity protects against overwatering of plants, allowing for optimal control of both yields and plants.

The timing of the development of the soil coincided with the company’s efforts of breaking into the MMJ industry at an opportune moment in the industry’s history where it is experiencing unprecedented growth. PHOT has turned its attention toward MMJ industry players while concurrently ensuring it ventures into the industry with its highest quality work in hand.

PHOT Expands into Canada

Given the company’s timing and trends, it was no surprise that PHOT decided to venture fully into Canada’s market, starting with the opening of a retail outlet for MMJ sales in Alberta last November. The intensive publicity around Canada’s expected legalization of recreational MMJ combined with projections of the market’s valuation (around $5 billion annually, possibly more) led to this decision. When legalization goes into effect, PHOT stands to reap significant benefits.

Additionally, PHOT launched a new item in its already impressive lineup of products, GrowLife Cube Pro, a system for all-in-one home cultivation. The hope is this improved system will fill a growing demand as regulations in some states turn toward legalization and drive the company into a new market (i.e., home-grown product); a market valued in California alone at $7 billion.

PHOT Financials

PHOT has trended upward in revenues. From Q2 2017 to Q3 2017, PHOT revenues rose from $521,000 to $661,000. Unfortunately, the company’s net loss, which had been $247,000, fell to $756,000. Also standing at a deficit in Q3 2017 were operating cash flows and working capital position.

All things considered, however, PHOT has made significant progress in numerous projects. Its revenues are hopeful, and if this trend continues, the company may be looking at a future with long term growth.

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