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Why MJNA Could Get Bought Out In 2018

Where does MJNA stand?

MJNA is a penny stock trading on OTC markets in the U.S. Since its inception in 2009, where it received the distinction of the first publicly listed MMJ stock, it has garnered much attention and speculation. The company has made recent news with announcements of a steady stream of exciting partnerships. Regardless of past performance, investors should take note of the opportunities these partnerships may offer this MMJ stock in the future and why it may be a candidate for a huge buyout in 2018.

What does MJNA stock have going for it?

The potential for MJNA buyout is attributed to several factors; most supportive are revenue trends, recent partnerships and California’s recreational market.

The first positive trend for MJNA is its quarterly revenue reports.

These reports show an upward trend over five subsequent quarters. In the quarter ending September 30 of 2016, revenues were $2.19 million compared to the same quarter ending in 2017, when MJNA reported revenues of $7.78 million. If this trend continues, the company could be riding the green wave with more stability.

Secondly, MJNA has made news this past month with a steady stream of newly-announced partnerships that serve to increase its visibility and credibility.

Starting on March 1, MJNA subsidiary Phyto Animal Health unveiled a CBD-based product exclusive to veterinarians at a conference in Las Vegas. Additionally, on March 20, MJNA and subsidiary Phyto Animal Health made further news with a feature in a top veterinary trade publication.

On March 5, its subsidiary HempMeds announced participation at the opening SXSW Wellness Expo to be held in Austin, TX. On March 6, MJNA and subsidiary Kannaway announced February’s revenues had been the best in company history. The following week, MJNA was featured with subsidiary HempMeds in a Top 30 U.S. Market Newspaper, citing the role of the combined enterprise in legalizing MMJ products in the Mexico market.

On March 15, MJNA subsidiary Dixie Botanicals announced the addition of two fruity new flavors to its popular lineup of Kicks CBD hemp oil energy chews.

Finally, as an MMJ stock traded on U.S. OTC markets, MJNA could benefit greatly from industry growth in the States, particularly California.

With California opening its doors to legal sales of recreational MMJ at the beginning of 2018, opportunities for expansion in the U.S. market may also broaden. If MJNA attracts the attention of a royalty MMJ stock, such as FinCanna Capital Corp. (a holding company focused on investing in licensed best-in-class MMJ stocks in the U.S.), it could potentially capitalize on the growing market.

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