The Top Marijuana Stocks Thus Far in 2018


What criteria does it take to be a top performer in the industry? For the purposes of this article, cannabis companies with over 5% increases and at least $30 million USD in market capitalization make the cut.

Know the 4 highest performing cannabis companies out of 200 for bigger pot stock gains.

Utilizing this current information will help in making wise MMJ stock investments:

ABcann Global Corp. (TSXV:ABCN) (OTC:ABCCF)

Both a manufacturer and distributor of medical marijuana, ABcann Global Corporation headquarters in Napanee, Canada.

The company went public with news of an import license recently received by their subsidiary in Australia, of which they have full ownership. The subsidiary, ABcann Australia Pty Ltd., received the license from Australia’s Federal Office of Drug Control. Barry Fishman, Chief Executive Officer of ABcann, stated “This import license is a key milestone towards generating revenue through ABcann’s network of physicians, pharmacists and patients, and advancing the use of medical cannabis.” Fishman reiterated the company’s belief that Australia is emerging as a valuable market in the MMJ industry.

Overall MMJ stock share performance for ABcann played out well in OTC markets recently, trading at $2.10 USD at the market’s open and closing out by the end of one week at $3.10 USD. Over the course of the week, this translates to more than a 47% gain for the ABcann MMJ stock. 

CanniMed Therapeutics Inc. (TSX:CMED) (CMMDF)

CanniMed, specializing in international plant biopharmaceutics, is a leading company in the Canadian MMJ industry. The company made the announcement this week of a new offer of acquisition by Aurora Cannabis. This acquisition, if finalized, would create one of the most valuable pot firms in the world out of two Canadian rivals. It would also make history as the world’s most valuable transaction in the marijuana industry to date.

Meanwhile, in the OTC markets, CanniMed MMJ stock shares performed at more than a 10% gain within one week. Shares began the week on the market at $28.88 USD and finished at $31.89 USD.

Golden Leaf Holdings Ltd. (CSE:GLH) (OTC:GLDFF)

In North America, Golden Leaf Holdings Ltd. holds its own among the largest suppliers of solution and oil-based cannabis. At the open of OTC markets the week of 22 January, MMJ stock shares began at $0.33 USD and closed at $0.354 USD, a week long gain of more than 7%.

The company’s big news of the week revealed that its grow facility and subsidiary in Ontario, Medical Marijuana Group, received a preliminary shipment of genetics. The leadership team of GLH tended to the shipment and the acclimation of the plants, which are expected to be ready for cultivation in April.

The genetic strain of MMG’s plants contains Canada’s richest concentrations of CBD. Not only will this be of great value in the medical market in Canada, it is expected to offer the country a platform for dynamic growth within the industry, potential exports to Europe, and exciting investment opportunities for pot stock holders.

Invictus MD Strategies Corp. (CSE:IMH) (OTC:IVITF)

The focus of Invictus MD Strategies Corp. is the acquisition of licensed pot producers and cultivators. One of its subsidiaries, Acreage Pharms, announced Wednesday this past week that it had acquired equipment for cannabis oil extraction, with plans for an ambitious extraction program that will address Canada’s growing demand for high-quality oils.

Along with that announcement came news of Invictus’ first sale of 120 kg of dried cannabis flower. The flower went from AB Laboratories Inc. to Canopy Growth Corporation, which has signed plans for further investment in AB Labs and increased ownership.

Those new to investing have valid opportunities for high return assets in MMJ stocks.

As the acceptance of medical marijuana use and the steadily growing areas legalizing recreational use of marijuana grows, the market value for investing in marijuana companies will rise.

To learn more about investing in MMJ stocks, read Weed Stocks Projected to Do Well in 2018.


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