10 Canadian Marijuana Stocks to Watch in 2018


Thanks to Canada’s nationwide legalization of medical marijuana 17 years ago, the United States can look to this predecessor as the country moves forward in making necessary changes in the industry.

The evolution of the medical marijuana industry has led to less restrictions and more pot stock opportunities.

In the United States, 28 states (and Washington, D.C.) have now legalized marijuana for medical purposes, easing up on the restrictions that have plagued the industry. Meanwhile, Canada continues to push ahead to greater acceptance, with the introduction of the Cannabis Act at the beginning of this year, as well as a bill that would legalize the use of recreational pot. This bill is projected to pass by the July deadline this year.

MMJ stock investors can find rapidly growing opportunities in Canada’s over-the-counter (OTC) markets.

Yes, the market in the United States remains uncertain, but, pot stock investors can take advantage of growing opportunities for Canadian stocks in their OTC markets. It is important to note that many of these OTC stocks are considered penny stocks, carrying with them a notably higher investment risk. Below is a closer look at 10 Canadian companies whose marijuana stocks are worth tracking in 2018.

1. Canopy Growth Corp Market Cap: $4.987 billion

Canopy (OTC: TWMJF) not only has a market cap near $5 billion, but, it is popularly known as the pioneer in Canada’s pot market. Its one-year stock return has been near 280% in the OTC market. The company offers its products under many brands, most notably ‘Tweed,’ thanks to rapper Snoop Dogg.

2. Aphria Inc. ~ Market Cap: $2.493 billion

Aphria (OTC: APHQF) produces cannabis in both dried and oil-based forms, which it claims are among the lowest costs in marijuana production. Its one-year gains this past year were shy of 330%. In recent news, stock values surged at the beginning of the month following an announcement by the company that a deal had been made with an online sector of one of Canada’s major pharmacy chains.

3. Aurora Cannabis ~ Market Cap: $4.391 billion

In October 2016, Aurora Cannabis (OTC: ACBFF) made its grand appearance on the Canadian venture stock exchange (TSX). They started off producing dry marijuana and expanded to cannabis oil sales at the beginning of 2017. With a longer presence in the OTC markets, its one-year returns have been at 451%.

4. Emerald Health Therapeutics ~ Market Cap: $563.767 million

Based in British Columbia, Emerald Health Therapeutics (OTC: EMHTF) produces dried and oil-based cannabis for medicinal purposes. The company’s one-year stock return was close to 473%, with the stock itself continuing its trend of increasing value.

5. PharmaCan Capital/The Cronos Group ~ Market Cap: $1.222 billion

PharmaCan (OTC: PRMCF) is an investment business, holding minor to complete stakes in six companies, from pot production to various players in the marijuana industry. It has seen a 404% increase in its stock value over the course of 2017.

6. OrganiGram Holdings ~ Market Cap: $514.48 million

OrganiPharma (OTC: OGRMF), as its name suggests, offers organic cannabis in dried and oil-based forms, with accessories available for purchase on its website (such as vaporizers). A product recall was issued at the end of 2016, due to unapproved pesticides in its produce, which may account for the comparative 68% one-year return on its stocks.

7. SupremePharma ~ Market Cap: $479.902 million

SupremePharma (OTC: SPRWF), operating under the subsidiary 7Acres, is a wholly-owned marijuana production company. At the close of 2017, the company announced expansion plans equal to CAD 55 million (near $42 million USD).

8. THC BioMed International ~ Market Cap: $89.77 million

THC BioMed (OTC: THCBF) engages primarily in research and development of cannabis, as a bio-tech company, though it offers training and resources to licensed marijuana growers. It received a large boost when authorities gave it the go-ahead to begin shipping cannabis plants to licensed growers across Canada at the end of 2016. Though it experienced a financial setback at the beginning of 2017, stocks began to show recovery halfway through the year, ending the year with values that had nearly doubled. This was largely due to receiving permission from Health Canada to offer dried marijuana for sale. Currently the stock sits at a 63% increase.

9. Emblem Corp. ~ Market Cap: $181.293 million

Emblem (OTC: EMMBF) made its entrance to the Canadian exchange recently with an announcement of CAD 27 million set aside for investment in market expansion. Though Health Canada quickly backed them up in cannabis oil production, the stock value saw a decline nearing 43% in the last year.

10. iAnthus Capital ~ Market Cap: $87.925 million

The greatest interest of iAnthus (OTC: ITHUF) is investing in marijuana based businesses in in the United States, most recently the acquisition of Organix, a medical and recreational marijuana dispensary in Colorado. Currently, the company’s stock is up almost 36% after a year of high volatility trades.

Canada sets the example for changing the stigma around the uses and benefits of medical marijuana, vastly improving the investment opportunities in MMJ stocks.

(For more information about Canadian medical marijuana companies, read O, Canada! Looking North of the Border for Pot Investment Opportunities.)


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