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Why HEMP Could Go To $ 0.15 In 2018

HEMP Background

Hemp, Inc. (OTC PINK: HEMP) began in 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada with a core mission rooted deeply in social and environmental responsibility. The company seeks to create a business constituency to benefit small farmers, veterans, and other groups of Americans affected by the increasing trend of disparity between declining income and rising expenses in the U.S. The company ranks as a pioneer and key leader in the industrial hemp industry, owning the largest facility in North America for processing multi-purpose industrial hemp.

HEMP features eco-friendly, healthy products serving largely as replacements for petroleum-based products. The company seeks to affect change in a nation and world where hemp products remain overwhelmingly illegal. HEMP operates with a strong belief in the revolutionary possibilities of industrial hemp to reduce pollution and carbon footprints, provide green organic solutions, and, effectively, change the world. The impact of a single hemp crop, for example, saves energy and water, reduces pesticide usage, and serves as a more ecological, economical, and natural solution than cotton or trees.

The U.S. industrial hemp fiber industry is currently valued around $500 million or more.

What HEMP Has to Offer

The company’s industrial hemp mill, the largest in the western hemisphere, is located on 9 acres (70,000 square feet) in North Carolina. North Carolina is one of 28 states with legislation approving hemp growth for research projects and studies; thanks to the efforts and successes of HEMP, the state became the “Epicenter of the Industrial Hemp Industry.”

Recently, HEMP acquired North America’s largest decortication plant through Industrial Hemp Manufacturing, LLC, its wholly owned subsidiary. Immediately after, the company moved the plant to North Carolina, where it is scheduled to open later this year. Once operational, the plant will produce not only industrial hemp, but, oil absorbents from kenaf and LCM (lost circulation material) products as well. Through the highly absorbent kenaf plant, HEMP will continue manufacturing their product, SpillSuck, which has been an effective product for oil spill cleanups. The LCM product is for mandatory use in the drilling industry (reducing loss of fluids from drill bits) and may generate millions in revenue for the company. All together, HEMP anticipates growing 25,000 acres of industrial hemp in 2018; a total surpassing the amount of hemp grown in the entire U.S. last year.

HEMP University

The company established Hemp Inc. University, its wholly-owned subsidiary, for the purpose of providing education on hemp farming and extraction as well as certification for growers. Through courses, seminars, and consultation packages, the university provides the community with a variety of training and hands-on experience to assist in industry growth; some available for free, others at a cost.

Hemp University recently established a consulting division focused on cultivation support. This strategic move will help further the company’s mission to assist farmers and landowners in introducing hemp into crop rotations.

HEMP Long-term

HEMP bases its long-term growth and future success on plans to expand its portfolio through acquisitions, purchases, and joint ventures with synergistic businesses to become the sole industry leader for industrial hemp.

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