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Why GNRH Could Go To $0.20 In 2018

GNRH Background

GreenGro Technologies (GRNH) provides world class, green, eco-friendly technologies in the United States, specializing in vertical indoor and outdoor cultivation systems. Formerly known by the name Authoriszor, the company was started in 1996 and is currently based in California.

GreenGro serves the commercial and consumer needs of farming markets. Its aim is to bring commerce and community together through its cultivation and distribution of nutritious foods and relevant medicines that are supported by both fields of technology and science. GreenGro serves a customer base of restaurants, large and small scale commercial clients, and community gardens. GreenGro supports large cultivation collectives and operations in the MMJ and recreational industries through provision of design, construction, consulting and management services. The company also markets its own GreenGro branded products, such as lighting, automatic watering systems, hoods, fans and specialty nutrients.

Recent Developments

GreenGro was named “one of the fastest growing companies in the emerging indoor agriculture technology industry” by NASDAQ’s GlobeNewswire. The company has experienced promising growth over the past year as it continues to branch out in the MMJ industry.

Last summer, GreenGro’s wholly owned division, GenoBreeding, Inc., ventured into a joint partnership with Gala Global, Inc. – joined by Dr. Rehman Maqsood, one of the leading soybean geneticists in the world – to conduct genetic research on new strains of soybean plants. With the aid of Gala Global’s technologies for plant incubation and digital technologies to project genetic change results, GenoBreeding intends to cultivate new varieties of plants more quickly than has yet been possible. From this collaborative work, GreenGro aims to create customized strains of plants for the MMJ and agricultural industries with the hopes of patenting the strains.

At the end of last September, GreenGro completed construction of its flagship grow facility and dispensary, on time and within budget, in North Hollywood, California. Reflecting on the company’s huge milestone, Chairman and CEO James Haas stated, “Not only are we about to launch one of the largest dispensaries across all of Los Angeles, at nearly 14,000 square feet but, more importantly, it will represent one of the most efficient and profitable dispensaries in the market due to utilization advanced indoor… systems.” He expressed his belief in how GreenGro’s flagship, technologies and systems, strategic partnerships, branding, and cloning will pave the way for the company’s accelerated financial growth and, in turn, enhance shareholder values.

GreenGro submitted plans for city approval to develop a canna-business park on over 5 acres in Adelanto, California. A month prior, the company had signed a twenty-year lease agreement for the acreage. The park design would include four 12,000 sq foot facilities for the purpose of manufacturing, cultivating, dispensing and distributing MMJ plants, pending permit approval. Moving forward with the canna-business park would allow GreenGro to capitalize upon recent legislative changes to initiatives favorable to the industry in California.


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