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Why ERBB Could Go To $0.0055 in 2018

Background on ERBB

American Green, Inc. (OTC: ERBB) is a technology company within the MMJ industry, headquartered in Arizona. The company partners with licensed retail MMJ dispensaries operating under its brand name to develop brand, retail, and commercial cultivating solutions. Some of ERBB’s operations include ZaZZZ, an automated, age-verifying vending machine that dispenses MMJ-based medicines; Jurassic Water, designed for plant cultivation; LED solutions for lighting; and OG tea nutrients for specialty fertilization. American Green has an agreement to collaborate with Endexx Corporation to develop two technologies: Access Control Identification and a Verification Vending Platform.

Recent Developments of ERBB

American Green and Nipton, California

At the beginning of February, American Green announced its exciting and innovative partnership with the city of Nipton, California to create a community with a “zero-carbon” footprint. The company singled out ten acres adjacent to Nipton where it will aim to demonstrate how a municipality can function with a zero-carbon footprint in the hopes of extending the model to larger cities.

ERBB will use the services of American GreenCrete, a company specializing in reclamation operations, to accomplish expansion. Through a proprietary process, American GreenCrete converts dumpster waste into various pre-cast construction materials, all while generating power. The acreage will also house an operation for mineral processing, a zero-emission power plant, and a Spartan trailer reconditioning space.

American Green and Delta International

As of mid-March, American Green announced a $7.73 million deal with Delta International Oil & Gas, Inc. to further its project in Nipton, California. Under the agreement, ERBB is permitted to manage the Nipton project for five years, plus an option of five more, in exchange for the transfer of all its holdings in Nipton to Delta International. Delta International’s role is to seek additional properties for acquisition, subsequent to Nipton, which American Green will also manage. American Green plans on paying dividends to qualifying ERBB shareholders via Delta shares.

ERBB’s chairman, David Gwyther, stated his belief: “This transaction will relieve American Green of the on-going expense of improving Nipton. That responsibility will now fall upon Delta, giving Nipton the ability to access cheaper capital through a fully reporting company, including the ability to file registered offerings.”

“American Green can now expend less of its energy on capital raising, and focus on implementing the revenue-generating components of Nipton, and its other investments, along with many new, and exciting projects on the horizon,” Gwyther added.

He concluded, “I believe that this will be a win-win situation for American Green and our shareholders.  After the Series A Stock is fully registered with the SEC, we plan to pay, as a dividend to qualifying American Green shareholders, a portion of the Series A Stock. Qualified shareholders would then be entitled to receive the 5% annual dividend attached to any Series A Stock shares that they acquire through the anticipated American Green dividend.”

The Future of ERBB

Though ERBB is small and not solely an MMJ stock, the diversification and innovation it offers in its portfolio of products and technologies, combined with recent developments, show fascinating potential for growth in the industry.

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